The Nation

These are dangerous times. The picture below, as well as the one on the right, show what is happening.

Support (not necessarily monetary) should be given to those that fight for every letter in that sacred document. This is being posted by way of supporting "The Nation". This site is not affiliated with The Nation magazine, nor does it have any financial interest in, or with, the magazine. However, this site is a strong supporter of the work it does on behalf of the American people.

The following is from their site and a link is provided both in this post and to the right.

"If the Bill of Rights were written today, would it look like this? With Bush and Cheney chanting their mantras of "executive privilege" and "national security," it just might. Fueled by their Far Right benefactors, they're leading one of the most repressive -- and dangerous -- secrecy campaigns in American history. Help fight it, and them, by becoming a Nation Associate, 22,000 concerned individuals who support The Nation in its commitment to uncovering and printing the truth." The Nation


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