Good Civil Wars

Once again, the spin machine is on "full cycle". The groundwork is being laid for a discussion wherein the Administration can blame Iraqis for our ill- advised, needless, sophomoric desire to appease those whose interests collided, and produced "Iraqula"- that which is the offspring of geeks (thinktankers) and dollars (corporate, of course).

And, once again, FOX leads the way. Why not? They made up the stories that led the charge into war. They can certainly make up the stories to mask the shame behind the inevitable ignoble retreat that leaves nothing but destruction (and some permanent bases) behind.

Don't pity the dead. They don't have to be subjected to this crap anymore. Actually, just say a prayer or think of them once in a while while solemnly promising never to forget them.

One would think that since "obscenity is in the eye of the beholder" any American, worth his or her salt, would be so outraged that they would, at least, report that broadcast to the FCC on the grounds of "obscenity".


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