It's only February and the exhaustion is already setting in. It's becoming more evident with every passing day that 6 year olds are running the country.

Only their toys are bullets and bombs- and their candy is the treasury.

Many things have been written about the various issues confronting us, including the ones on the main AmeriPundit site (link above), but humor seems to be the best medicine for what ails the country (until there is no one left to laugh).

Luckily, our valued contributor, Joshua Brown (link on the right), has shared his views with us (below). So let's review the year (in reverse order) and let's try to have a few laughs- if it's at all possible and while we still can.


The real target (U.S. public- in case it's hard to read).

The new "Don't ask me 'cause I won't tell you" policy.

It's mourning in America, indeed!


9-11, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat...



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