White House denies responsibility...(ho-hum)

A report by the Education Department's inspector general found that the White House was informed of a questionable contract with "African-American" conservative commentator Armstrong Williams.

It should be noted that, normally, this writer does not refer to people by color but, in this case, it turns out to be an important factor as it seems the primary factor taken into consideration as the Administration touted its "No Child Left Behind" initiative in a marketing plan for the targeted community. In this instance, "Affirmative Action" seemed to be fine for the goose, not the rest of the ganders who serve no purpose to the Administration.

As to color, Mr. Williams behavior towards the African American community, fellow journalists, and the community of information consumers, has bestowed upon him the more proper moniker of "green" or "show me the money" conservative (or liberal- it may depend on who pays) commentator.

The inspector general's findings fly in the face of initial White House denials of knowledge of the contracts and remarks made during a presidential press conference wherein Bush, upon being questioned on the matter, stated, "We didn't know about this in the White House, and there needs to be a nice, independant relationship between the White House and the press."

A separate investigation is being conducted on whether the contract was a violation of law relating to the use of taxpayer funds to "covertly distribute propaganda."

Current Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings informed reporters that she did not know about the contract before it was renewed. She couldn't recall when, in fact, she did learn about it. She also refused to be interviewed by the inspector's general and cited White house protocol in response to Democratic complaints about the lack of cooperation. When asked if former Secretary Paige should be held responsible, she resorted to another White House protocol and blamed in on lower rung, unspecified individuals. She offered, "I don't think Secretary Paige was well-served by people around him..."

Perhaps the most damning part of the report came in one of its conclusions. The report held, in part, that, "The Department paid for work that most likely did not reach its targeted audience and paid for deliverables that were never received...The advertisements that were produced under the work requests appear to be of poor quality and the Department has no assurance that the ads received the airtime for which it paid."

Translation, the taxpayers were swindled. Again. From the reconstruction in Iraq with billions of dollars in wasted funds involved to the attempted propaganda on our own population in the hundreds of thousands to millions (overall), the taxpayers are not getting their money's worth. The people in charge don't even know how to "propogandize" us properly.

Oh, and as to the legality, accountability, and propriety of any of this- somebody, somewhere is surely looking into this...maybe. Nobody in charge is really talking about it...per White House protocol.



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