Update on the "War on 'Errorism'"

This could, and probably should, be entitled, "Don't pee (PG-13 approved) on my leg and tell me we're winning the War on Terror".

On March 8, we were told by our lead "terrorist hunter" that, "Terrorists are less likely to endanger our security if they're worried about their own security. When terrorists spend their day struggling to avoid death or capture they are less capable of arming and training to commit new attacks. We will keep the terrorists on the run until they have nowhere left to hide."

In the middle of April we learned that the State Department will no longer compile and release the data showing the number of terrorist attacks perpetrated per year and that this responsibility, held for 37 years, will be passed on to a new, unnamed, undescribed federal office for counter-terrorism. Some, including Larry Johnson, a former CIA and State Department counter-terrorism official speculate that the move was intended to keep the numbers away from the pesky prying eyes of the public. As quoted by the L.A. Times on April 19th, he posed the hypothetical question, "If terrorist incidents had dropped 50 percent, do you think they'd be eliminating the department?"

Apparently his tongue-in-cheek remark was intended to address the issue of the State Department compiling a report that indicated that terrorist attacks were up substantially since the War on Terror was declared. Sec. Rice immediately quashed the report and sent it into an "undisclosed location". It has resurfaced as will be seen below.

Another problem with the figures is how they are classified. For instance, 191 incidents were cited for Iraq however, that does not include incidents involving only Iraqis or attacks on the U.S. military. Apparently both, but particularly the latter, are considered to be attacks during wartime (which classification leaves a hole large enough to drive a trainload full of "enemy combatants" through on their way home from Guantanomo-the subject of an upcoming post).

The haste in which the current numbers were hidden by Sec. Rice so as not to embarass the "terrorist-hunter in chief" must be behind the Administration's overlooking of the indefatigable Rep. Henry Waxman(D) of California. Apparently feeling that the public has a "right to know", Rep. Waxman released the subject data given to congressional aides by federal officials. The data shows that terrorist attacks more than tripled last year than the previous years averages-650 last year compared to 175 in 2003. Rep.Waxman also pointed out that many incidents that most Americans would regard as terrorist incidents were not even included in the report.

It stands to reason to conclude that the March 8th speech by the "terror-hunter" himself may have been off by "just a tad" because the facts seem to show:

That the terrorists aren't too worried about their own security (a fact that could've been induced, deduced, or figured out while wearing a dunce cap by virtue of them blowing themselves up);

They either have plenty of time to train to carry out attacks or it doesn't require much training at all; and

We've either got the wrong terrorists on the run or running is an efficient way of increasing terrorism by at least 300 percent.

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