"Supporting The Troops"- GOP Version

GOP Rejects Added VA Hospital Funds...and the "compassion" goes on...

The L. A. Times reports that Republicans "defeated a Democratic effort to provide almost $2 billion in additional healthcare funding for veterans, rejecting claims that Veterans Affairs hospitals were in crisis".

The funds were to come from the $80.6 billion emergency spending bill for Iraq and Afghanistan. Republicans claimed that the Bush Administration said that additional funding for the VA (taken from already appropriated money) wasn't necessary.

The math is simple: COMPASSION = $80.6 billion extra (in addition to normal DOD funding) to send troops abroad - $0 extra for when they come home and need medical treatment.

Perhaps all of the "I support our troops" bumper stickers, particularly the ones displayed proudly next to "Bush Country" and/or "Bush/Cheney 2004" bumper stickers, should be modified. Maybe they should read, "I support our troops on the way to, or in, combat. Those coming back injured, as well as those injured in previous wars I supported from afar, are on their own."

Granted, those bumper stickers would be too long to fit on a cramped hybrid or fuel-efficient economy car, but they'd fit perfectly on an SUV purchased with a down payment from a tax cut and whose monthly payments are deductible due to IRS credits (subsidies).



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