Osama and Peter

Americans can breathe a little sigh of relief and maybe even open a window or two- after the duct tape seal has been broken. The Administration has released the name of its latest catch in the "War on Terror".

His name is Peter Daniel Young.

His "terrorist activity" consists of belonging to a group made up of animal rights activists who conducted a series of break-ins at Midwestern mink farms 7 years ago, during which thousands of animals were released to the wild. He faces federal charges of Animal Enterprise Terrorism and unlawful interference with state commerce.

For his crime, Mr. Young faces 82 years (April 4th archive) in prison. Details are unclear as to the capture of the rest of the members of the "cell". It is known that one accomplice went as far as to hide in Belgium. Authorities tracked him down and gained the Belgian government’s compliance presumably due to the Administration's edict that any country that harbors terrorists will be considered as being a terrorist state.

In other terror-related news, Osama is still on the loose. It's probably best to keep the house duct-taped. Not because of Osama. Rather, because a bunch of mink are running around loose.



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