The "Oprah" Congress

In just the last few weeks we've witnessed what currently passes itself off as a Congress:

revive an effort to re-introduce a Constitutional ban on "Gay Marriage";
hold hearings on steroids in baseball;
pass legislation on the Schiavo matter; and
tackle the problem of remote control malfunctions by introducing legislation to bypass the need for them through regulation of programming (regular and cable).

Gay marriage, Schiavo, steroids, and decency. This is not the stuff of a great Congress. This is a line-up of shows for Oprah.

In sum, we've had crocodile tears for the sanctity of marriage rather than real tears at the attempt to exclude a group through a Constitutional Amendment- a process historically used only to include groups and provide them with the rights contained in that precious document.

We've had to watch the tears of Mark McGwire rather than the tears that flow from laughing so hard at the feigned outrage and concern over baseball and our children. The latter of which are facing an uncertain future due to draconian cuts in public education (due to unfunded No Child Left Behind legislation) and who may be forced into steroid use and sports as a way out of poverty because they didn't have the necessary educational tools to compete with their more affluent peers in private schools.

We've been forced to watch the tears of a family through the intrusive and glaring eyes of television because of grandstanding by our "leadership" and not been allowed to weep the tears that should be shed as Congress, in its zeal for a camera and a sound -bite seems, once again, to have little respect for the Constitution or care for the concept of Federalism or separation of powers.

And after our legislators engage in this orgy of shameless self-promotion with the attendant costs to individuals, the Constitution, and long-held American concepts of government, we are told they will be the ones who define decency for us, our families, and our communities.

It should be noted that due to their "busy-body" schedules, our leaders found no time to hold hearings on war profiteering in Iraq, the CPA's "misplacing" of approximately $10 billion of Iraqi money, torture by the U.S. (and/or our surrogates), the allegations against Tom DeLay, or a serious discussion of how we're going to deal with our unsustainable deficit.

At least with Oprah, if you get lucky and come on the right day, you can win a car. With Congress, unless you're a fat donor looking for the "gift that keeps on giving" (A.K.A. tax breaks or favorable legislation starting with the word "reform"), you're out of luck and could end up on the wrong end of the "Reformed Bankruptcy Bill" in which case you may end up losing the car Oprah gave you if you get sick or injured and end up in a hospital.


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