No News is Good News... For a While

As far as news goes, the following story should barely register at this point. After all, it is approximately 6 days old. But, due to the complete breakdown of our media, T.V. and print, it may very well be news to quite a few people. So, as the Administration goes on yet another P.R. campaign to convince Americans why we have to stay in Iraq (e.g. 99% of the people want us there; we're helping the new Iraqi government because it needs our help, etc.) one might wish to continue reading.

The failure of large media outlets in reporting on the story is particularly offensive because it diminishes those that are calling for a full debate on our presence there and it mocks parents who may be wavering on allowing and/or encouraging their precious children to fight, and get maimed or killed in, a pointless exercise.

On the 22nd, Congressman Jim McDermott(D), Washington, took to the floor and stated, among other things:
"...82 Iraqi Parliamentarians have sent a letter to their Speaker of the House demanding that the U.S. withdraw its troops from Iraq. Those are not wild-eyed people in the United States who are calling for the withdrawal of American troops. This is 82 members of the Iraq Parliament who were elected. I mean, we say they have a democracy over there. Some of these leaders come from the United Iraqi Alliance, which is a collection or a coalition of religious Shiite parties that has a majority of the 275 seats..."
Again, the letter, and the comments, were ignored by the Press in the U.S. Unfortunately, the rest of the world does not live in the "Altered State(s)" that we currently find ourselves in. The rest of the world, most particularly the Arab world, received the story of the letter as it was widely covered there. For the sake of our soldiers (whom those gorging themselves on defense contracts claim to care for), the reader should take a moment and see how the letter was treated in the Arab Press.

One could start off with a relatively straightforward report by Islam Online and go from there to a slightly different version (with a strong underlying message) in the Journal of Turkish Weekly which added that 6 in 10 Americans want at least a partial pullout and then, in a stand-alone sentence proclaimed (accurately, but again not common knowledge among Americans) "US and British dailies reported last month that the US army in Iraq was planning to set up four permanent bases in Iraq."

One has to wonder if the last tidbit about the permanent bases will quell the ranks of foreign insurgents heading for Iraq. Better yet, one has to wonder if any of this is even mentioned in the upcoming pep-rally on spreading Democracy designed to "update the American public on our achievements in Iraq".


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