Feeding tubes and abortion

The pro-choice forces might as well prepare themselves for the next round of attacks on abortion rights sure to follow as a result of the Schiavo case.

According to the Supreme Court, in a decision written by Chief Justice Rehnquist, a feeding tube was, like other procedures, an extraordinary medical intervention. Pro-life forces, post-Schiavo, are sure to take up this issue and, using the sympathy garnered as a result of the Teri Schiavo reality show, attempt to ram legislation through states that modifies this ruling and takes feeding tubes off the list of medical interventions. This will not be framed within the abortion debate but, rather, under the guise of clarifying "life support".

This would be the first step in the next salvo against a woman's right to choose as it takes no great imagination to formulate an argument that an umbilical cord is nothing more than a feeding tube and that, therefore, fetuses would be covered as well. This would render an abortion (the physical act of removing the fetus from the umbilical cord and/or vice versa) a prohibited act. It would truly be a "wolf" bill in "sheeps'" legislative clothing.

It will be interesting to see who has the courage (in state legislatures) to stand up against this type of shameless exploitation of this sad case.



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