A dinner in honor of Obscenity

If the obscenity police can take a break from "milking" Janet Jackson's breast as the pretense for the muzzling of dissenting opinions, curtailment of individual rights, and the imposition of one party, one media, one opinion, and one estate-tax abolishing, social-safety net hating, gun loving "Christian" God on the rest of the country, they may want to look into the following:

The New York Times reported that on May 17th, the Republican Party raised more than $15 million from about 1,500 people who dished out at least $1,500 each (in a non-election year) to hear George Bush at the "G.O.P. Freedom Tour Presidential Gala." Some attendees are reported to have given considerably more than the minimum entrance requirement.

The attendees, including Republican lawmakers and party leaders, dined (if that's the apt description) on margarita shrimp, crab claws, roast beef, and desserts slathered in chocolate from tiered fountains. No doubt they were discussing "traditional family values" while reaching for the crab claws and reminiscing about their "heartland" hometown public square fountains as they gazed at the tiered fountains oozing chocolate on desserts.

During his speech before the group, George Bush "vowed to fight for... changes to Social Security, revisions in the tax code and an energy plan."

Sounds like a good time was had by all. Well, maybe not "all".

In directly related news, The Iraq Coalition Casualty Count reported that as of the 17th, 1624 American soldiers died in Iraq.

Other sites show that the official count of those wounded in Iraq as of the 17th was 12,350 but that unofficial estimates placed the number at 15,000- 38,000.

Iraqi civilian deaths, as of the 17th, the Iraq Body Count are reported (sourcing methods detailed) as 21,705- 24,628 as a direct result of U.S. military activity.

What all these reports have in common is one thing- taxpayer money.

Those at the dinner have either directly profited from the war or indirectly profited from generous tax breaks and government contracts (unrelated to the war effort) given while the country's attention was diverted from Washington excess to the war. Notwithstanding that, the money spent by attendees for the decadent dinner will, no doubt, be taken as an expense (A.K.A. cost of doing business) and subtracted from their tax burden shifting more of the burden to those who weren't invited (middle-class, poor, and soldiers).

In other words, every dollar spent on the dinner can, more likely than not, be traced back to the public Treasury.

The ones attending that were on the non-businessman roster have benefitted their careers tremendously by shamelessly pounding on patriotism drums while on the government payroll and received campaign contributions from the others who have benefitted from the politicians actions (again- to be written off bottom lines on tax forms by donors).

Those that have died or are wounded were shipped to their deaths or maimings using taxpayer money and are, or will be, buried or treated at taxpayer expense. Aside from bearing their share of the monetary costs, the non-monetary cost will be exclusively borne by their families and comrades-in-arms with only lip service paid to the families by those who attended the dinner.

A nice gesture would have been for the event holders to have reserved a chair and left it empty for, at least, those that died in the pursuit of "margarita shrimp, crab claws, roast beef and desserts slathered in chocolate from tiered fountains" for a select few.

Unfortunately that would have taken more than all of the 1,500 seats occupied by "captains of industry and politics". Moving it to another venue would solve the problem but then it would only be appropriate to keep an empty chair for each Iraqi civilian killed and to allow each of the military wounded to attend.

That would have taken 35,679 seats (on the low end of the reports) either kept empty (for the dead) or occupied by a wounded soldier before even 1 of the above-mantioned attendees at the dinner could be seated.

Some of the individuals who attended the gala might have objected to such an arrangement. However, if the public wanted that seating arrangement in place, the objections would be without standing. After all, any way that it's looked at, the taxpayer foots that entire bill and should have a right to say who attends.

Yes indeed, one would hope that the indecency and obscenity police (the "I know it when I see it" crowd) will speak out against this hedonistic "invitation-only" dinner unknowingly underwritten by taxpayers. However, that's highly unlikely. Rumor has it that their leadership was seen at the event chomping on margarita shrimp and covered in chocolate while frolicking in the tiered fountains.



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