Bush/Lay and "Tort Reform"

It's curious how the same names keep surfacing with every step the current Administration takes.

One of the latest examples is the "Tort Reform" that George Bush crisis(ed) through Congress and immediately signed into law upon passage. One needn't look far for the template of how this was done. The same sense of urgency, the same language, and the same arguments were used for Texas' version of "Tort Reform" that then-Governor Bush crisis(ed) through the Texas legislature.

That effort was spearheaded by none other than Ken Lay (see letters): A B C D E F G

During this period Enron had approximately 18 personal injury lawsuits filed against it ranging from age and sex discrimination to hearing losses suffered as a result of the explosion of an Enron methanol plant. Furthermore, Enron was camping out in courthouses as plaintiff in dozens of contract claims.

Also, while he was seeking to curtail other people's rights to sue, Lay sued a motorist who rear-ended his daughter's vehicle. The demand was for $6,025 for car damages and $4,000 for "pain and suffering" and "mental anguish". When questioned, it was discovered that the Lay's vehicle had been repaired by his own insurance company for half the amount demanded and that his daughter had not sought medical treatment for a week after the accident.

Apparently, with this crowd, having access to the courthouse for damages suffered is only good for the fatted geese and their armies of attorneys, not the lowly ganders without attorneys on staff.



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