Bankruptcy, Business, and "Christians"

How a Bill becomes a Law- Current Congressional Version

Step 1: Business lobby vs. Christian Fundamentalist lobby:

see "DeLay’s newer allegiance to business lobbyists has led to a rupture with old friends in the evangelical Christian community, allies who had a major impact on DeLay’s career when few on K Street even knew his name...more...

Step 2: Christian Attorneys vs. Christian Fundamentalist lobby and Business lobby:

see "The lawyers say the legislation runs contrary to the forgiveness of debt and charity required by the Bible. The lawyers note that in the Old Testament, God did not outlaw borrowing and lending, but provided that loans would become discharged every seven years."

'I can't listen to Christian lawyers because I would be imposing the Bible on a diverse population,' [Republican Senator] Grassley said. 'I'll bet those lawyers wouldn't want us to impose the principles of forgiving debt every seven years. If that were the law, nobody would loan them money.'

Grassley contends frivolous bankruptcy filings hurt the economy.The attorneys said objective studies have shown that families file for bankruptcy because they have been driven to do so...more..."

Step 3: Victory Press Release from Christian Coalition as Christian Coalition and Business Lobby win:

see "[The]Christian Coalition commends both the House and Senate for their bipartisan efforts in stopping any pro-abortion amendments from being attached to the bankruptcy reform bill. There should never be compromises when it comes to protecting the life of the unborn. We look forward to advancing the Culture of Life in America with the passage of more pro-life legislation this year in Congress...more..."

Republican leadership, Credit Card and Banking Industry leaders, and the Christian Coalition meet behind closed doors and,.... The Bankruptcy Reform Bill becomes Law!

Step 3 and 1/2: Any unused parts (regular middle class or poor Americans) can be squeezed dry, discarded and/or used for kindling.

Finally, anybody wondering why the Christian Coalition is so adamant about making it harder for the middle class and poor to declare bankruptcy and be financially "born again" should remember that the Lord works in mysterious ways.


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