The $300 billion kiss

The Administration's style of concocted crisis management leaves little time for taking stock of policy results. Any attempts to raise concerns are generally met with bumper sticker responses and sound-bites devoid of content.

Luckily, at times, results just speak for themselves. Sometimes, those results are actually recorded and presented to the public. The following excerpt is worth a glance:

BAGHDAD: When Army Brig. Gen. Karl Horst fought during the invasion of Iraq two years ago, he didn't bother to learn the names of Saddam Hussein's Generals.

"I didn't care who they were- we were going to kill them." he said

Last week, during a parade-ground ceremony at the Baghdad airport, Horst kissed the cheek of a whiskered Iraqi general who had once been awarded the country's highest military honor by Hussein.

(Los Angeles Times March 21,2005)

Considering the death, carnage, and $300 billion dollars spent on the Iraq adventure, it would seem that our Generals would have someone other than an Iraqi General who received Iraq's highest military honor by Saddam Hussein to kiss.


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